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Classroom Grants

Autism Unbound Classroom Grant Program

Please note that changes have been made to our program guidelines by the Autism Unbound Board. Please submit grants online. Grant requests will be received one time per traditional school calendar. The deadline and corresponding grant review date is as follows:

  • Grant Submissions open until 1/15/23

Approved Vendors (other vendors need pre-approval)

  • Amazon

  • Lakeshore Learning

Grant Guidelines

  • As of the new 2022-2023 Academic School Year our Grant Request Forms are now submitted exclusively online.

  • Guilford County teachers, SLP’s, OT’s, APE’s, itinerant teachers, and other professionals who service children with autism are eligible to participate.

  • Forms must be complete, & accurate. Please include your school address, zip code, e-mail & telephone with extension. When requesting items, remember to include the vendor Amazon or Lakeshore Learning, item/model numbers, price ,volume discounts, taxes, and shipping.

  • Please include the number of children you serve.

  • Please include a description of how the requested items will enhance your work with students.

  • Weighted vests, lap pads, or other Occupational or Speech Therapy supplies, can be provided if items are prescribed by a licensed Guilford County therapist. (Written documentation must be provided.) These supplies are approved by our Board, for the safety of the students and protection of our GCS staff.

  • Please note Autism Unbound is unable to provide for the following items:

      • Consumables such as food, gasoline, printer ink, or paper

      • Field trip costs

      • iPads or similar devices

      • Apps for iPads and other mobile electronic devices

      • Curriculum

      • Training costs

  • Requests for reimbursement must be pre-approved by the Autism Unbound Board.

  • Grants will be approved at the discrestion of the board according to current available funds.

  • Any questions regarding grants should be sumbmitted by email:


  • Most items will be shipped directly to the school’s main office. Please notify Melissa Spivey by email , if you have not received your items.

  • When all grant request items have been received please forward any invoices or receipts that may have been enclosed in your box(es) to

As a reminder:

All items purchased for the class, is the property of Guildford County Schools. In the case of private schools, it remains the property of that individual school. It is not property of the teacher, or therapist that makes the request. Items should not be removed from the classroom or facility. Items are to remain at the school and program to use for those students.